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Let's start with the basics
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"I'm not insane. My mother had me tested! ~Sheldon Cooper

University's Entrance

“Despair into tomorrow! Despair into your memories! Despair into nothingness!” ~ Junko Enoshima

University ID

A dark shadow has woken up inside of me, sparks fly in my eyes as I look at you. Everyone step away from her, it’s going to get fierce from now on. I’m growling, growling, growling, I’m growling, growling, growling, I’m growling, growling, growling; if you don’t back away then I don’t care if you get hurt. ~ EXO

Team Players

Heaven help us now, come crashing down. We'll hear the sound as you're falling down. And will you pray for me? Or make a saint of me? And will you lay for me? Or make a saint of? ~ My Chemical Romance


I'm there in the water, still looking for ya. I'm there in the water. Can't you see, can't you see? You've seen this all before, life left on the shore. We're smiling all the same, you sail away again. ~ Ellie Goulding

Gym Board

Ooh girl you’re shining like a 5th avenue diamond, and they don’t make you like they used to. You’re never going out of style. Ooh pretty baby, this world might've gone crazy. The way you save me, who can blame me when I just wanna make you smile? ~ Tony Oller, MKTO

Locker Room

Through all these cities and all these towns, it's in my blood and it's all around. I love you now like I loved you then. This is the road and these are the hands. From Mozambique to those Memphis nights, the Khyber Pass to Vancouver's lights. Knock me down get back up again. You're in my blood; I'm not a lonely man. ~ Rascal Flatts

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