Name: Galena (nickname Gale)

Species: Healing nymph

Creator: Apollo

Gender: Female

Personality: She's usually cold towards others, but once they get to know Gale, she tends to get nicer. Also a bit stubborn and likes doing things her way, if things don't go her way, she throws a fit and tends to rage a bit.

Age: Immortal but looks 13 >.<

weapons: her powers

Oshino Shinobu 2


During the era of the great plague (black death, bubonic plague), many people (including doctors) were dying and seeing that most of the medical field's intelligence seems to be going away so fast, Apollo created Galena and several others to preserve the intelligence. They healed many and helped a lot but once the era ended, more doctors popped up and many forgot the help of Galena and the other healing nymphs/spirits. Since they were forgotten, Apollo let them work for him.

But the years passed on and soon, even Apollo forgot they were there (they were insignificant to him since he also had his music nymphs/spirits). Many ran away and blended in with the mortals. Seeing that she had no where to go, Galena just stayed by Apollo's side.

After many many years, camp was made and Apollo thought it'd be best for Galena to go there to help the injured demigods. Being stubborn, she didn't want to go and set her foot on staying with Apollo. But once Apollo said that they needed her intelligence, she agreed on helping out in the infirmary at camp. She has been at camp since then but occasionally goes back to Olympus to visit Apollo.