The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Serina,

My daughter, my girdle has been stolen from me. It has the power to make whoever you desired fall in love with you. It could be very dangerous at times. One of my children from the Broken Covenant stole it from me with the help of her friends from the BC. I need you to take it back for me and bring it to the entrance of mount Olympus once you have gotten it. If it gets into the wrong hands, it could cause serious trouble.


General IdeaEdit

Serina and 2 others will find Aphrodite's magical girdle. It is located somewhere in San Francisco. A vanilla envelope will be given to Serina by her mother in a dream (on the plane) that contains clues on where the girdle is in San Francisco. With those clues and the prophecy, they will eventually find the girdle in Alcatraz.


Camp Half-Blood Entrance: Going to airport

Airport New York City: Take plane to SF

Airport SF: Arrival and 1st monster attack. Pack of hellhounds attack them, smelling the demigod scent

SF: They tour the area, trying to find clues on where the girdle might be

SF golden gate bridge: They walk on the bridge to find nothing there and head back to a hotel.

Hotel: rest and in the morning, have another attack. Flock of harpies came after them attracted by their demigod scents. Got away in time

Beach: Find clues on where the girdle might be. Figured out it might be on an island near by

Angel Island: Wrong island and waste time fighting a couple of pit scorpians.

Alcatraz: Find the last clue there and find the girdle being guarded by the Aphrodite child. Final Boss.

Airport SF: Fly back to new york

Airport new york: Run to mount olympus

Mt. Olympus: Serina gives back the girdle to her mother.


Once they find the last clue on Alcatraz and find the girdle, they stumble upon the Aphrodite child, who is guarding the girdle. She has charmspeak and uses it to her advantage, causing Serina's friends to attack her. Serina tries to get them to snap out of it by using her charmspeak but to no avail. In the end, Serina ends up fighting the Aphrodite girl and wins. While knocked out, Serina snatches the girdle and she and the two other questors escape.


Serina Brown child of Aphrodite owned by Pandora