The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Hoshiko,

My daughter, there is something I need you to do. The Celestial Staff of the Stars has been stolen from me by Atlas! He plans to break it and that cannot happen! If he does the stars will soon fade in a couple of days. Atlas only wants the staff to bargain with me because I was not with the titans in the titan war. He said if I don't help the titans, the staff will be broken. But if a child of mine can defeat him, then he will give up the staff. He has hidden the staff in a cave and he and one other demigod who is guarding it knows it's location. But a prophecy has been given to me in a dream that can be useful to you. I have put it on a letter that is under your pillow right now. I need you and your friends to help me get back the staff before 2 weeks have passed or else he will break the staff!


Celestial Staff of the Stars

The Celestial Staff of the Stars

General OverviewEdit

Hoshiko receives the prophecy and understands the prophecy very quickly. Hoshiko and 3 other questors that are her close friends will be going to various locations. But when they finally reach the cave, they didn't see a demigod, but they saw Atlas guarding the cave instead. Atlas then told him everything was a trick so that he can capture them and make them as his ransom. Hoshiko then tells him to give them a chance to let them kill him. He gives him the chance and they eventually disintegrate Atlas.


Italicized means original prophecy. Parenthesis is translation of the prophecy

Four demigods shall go on the path (hoshiko and 3 others)

To calm down the sky titan's wrath (Atlas's wrath on Asteria)

They find a lie and their path is blocked (Atlas lied to Asteria that their will be a demigod guarding the staff)

To the guarding cave that is locked (The staff is locked in a magical cave)

Then the staff is revealed to be safe and sound (The staff was never locked up in a cave)

The demigod who was guarding it was never around (That part of the demigod was a lie from Atlas)

Then they noticed that that bit was a lie (the questors realized that Atlas lied)

And they all see a titan standing in front of them and asked him why (they asked him why he lied)

The titan gave them one more chance (Atlas gives them a chance to prove themselves of the staff)

To prove their worth and not put them in a trance (Or else if he wins, they will be put in a trance and stay like that until Asteria joins the titan's side)

Locations and Info:Edit

  • Camp Half-Blood Entrance: Questors meet up at camp
  • Airport: They take a plane to Sacramento, California
  • The Discovery Museum: They go to a planetarium to find their first clue. They get attacked by a couple of Empousai disguised as museum guiders.
  • Las Vegas: They find their second clue in las vegas. Get attacked by a pack of hellhounds.
  • LAX Airlines:Swerve back to New York City
  • new york airlines: They get their third clue about the staff and get attacked by Scythian Dracanae. They make it on a taxi in time
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum: They find their last clue here.
  • New York's Forest Preserve: Find a cave here. Also finds Atlas guarding it, not a demigod.


The questors make a deal with Atlas. They told him to give them one chance to disintegrate him and if they do, they will take the staff. If he wins, then they are his ransom. They eventually disintegrate Atlas and give back the staff to Asteria.


  1. Empousai
  2. hellhounds
  3. Scythian Dracanae
  4. Atlas (not really a monster but yeah the boss battle)


  1. Hoshiko Sato, Leader Pandora