This is more of a ranting page................ but it's also like my diary as well. >.> so enjoy looking. i guess but if you see something that might relate to you, don't ask me about it or try to do something about the problem please. Because if i write it down here I am very pissed at the problem. Thank you.


Problem one:

So im kind of pissed off right now because i feel like somebody stole my idea about making Elsa (thank god I reserved the word bubble template). But i don't think she stole it and it was just a coincidence but I really worked hard on making the history of the character and i don't want her to make her daughter of boreas >.> even tho mines much better (she's an ice nymph which is perfect for her since elsa's power's are ice based) I hope she realizes that im pissed >.>