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Emperor Kuzco - The Emperor of the Kuzconian Empire

Emperor Kuzco

Let's take a look-see
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UGH you threw off my groove! ~ Kuzco


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Kuzconian Empire

“Woo-yeah! Look at me and my bad self! I snatched you right out of the air!” ~ Kuzco

Kuzconian Throne Room

Uh, excuse me. Two seconds here. I'm the one in the cart, remember? This story is about me. ~ Kuzco

Kuzco Academy's Students

Ahh! My face! My beautiful, beautiful face! I'm an ugly, stinky llama! Wah-hah-hah! Llama face! ~ Kuzco
Kuzco as a Llama


Very good, Kronk! Here. Get the snack. ~ Kuzco
Boom Baby

Future Emperors/Empresses

Woah woah woah... No touchy!! ~ Kuzco
Is that the best you've got

You're Fired

Um, how else can I say it? "You're being let go." "Your department's being downsized." "You're part of an outplacement." "We're going in a different direction." "We're not picking up your option." Take your pick. I got more. ~ Kuzco