Hoshiko Sato's Bedroom

"星子佐藤" is written on the door. Wondering who's room is it, you open the door.

You have entered Hoshiko's bedroom. It is located in Asteria's cabin. She rarely lets anybody in her room. If you do barge into her room without her permission, well, get ready to be shoved 10 feet away from the entrance. In her room, you can find plenty of manga books from her room back at home. She also has a stereo that she blasts out j-pop (Japanese pop) from.

Hoshiko's bedroom
Caren mug

✶Mairin Hoshiko (星子佐藤)✶ -Child of Αστέρια
-The Celestial Singer
Age= 16 Height= 5'4"
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= Japanaese/American
Species= Demi-titan Main Weapon= Her twin sai swords

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"Who told you you could enter?!?! Unless it is important, then go away! Shoo!"

Those who have been in her roomEdit

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