One day, Hecate needed help with gathering all of the possible information about magic from all over the world and recording them so they can be saved in Olympus' grand library. Hecate created Mei Xin and several other torchbearing nymphs to gather the information. The other torchbearing nymphs along with Miki were supposed to record the information they gathered. Mei met Miki when they were paired up together to travel around the Asian continent. Both of them some how got along well despite their different personalities. Months passed after the hard work of gathering information and recording it. They felt like they got a siginificant number of spells recorded and thought of going back to Hecate. When they got back to Olympus and presented their findings to Hecate, she congradulated them for their hard work and felt like they should go down to the mortal world (aka camp) to take a break. (They'd eventually come back to Hecate to serve her some more, but they'd be in camp for a couple of years) But secretly, she just wants to send them down to the motal world so both can keep a watchful eye on her children in camp. They were eager to go to the mortal world and with a teleportation spell, Hecate transported them to camp, which was not what they were excepting. They thought they were going to be in a place where it wasn't the camp every nymph and spirit on Olympus keeps talking about. They thought they were going to some city in a beautiful country. They thought of sneaking out of camp and traveling around the world themselves, but they didn't know how to get actual US dollars since taxi drivers don't take drachmas! Mei and Miki then just agreed to stay in camp and earn some cash until they get enough to actually travel to other places.