Welcome to the Wiki!Edit

Hello everybody! Welcome to my own wikia! This is where I tinker around with things and my idea place. I make all of my ideas here! (Sometimes but I'll just put it up here so yeah.) Have fun reading.

By the way, if you see some coding errors and know how to fix them, please do! It'd take me forever to figure out how to fix the coding so yeah that's greatly appreciated.

General Users on the wikia + User rightsEdit

Unless I have not put your name here, you shouldn't be here at all. So go away. XP

LOL! Just kidding~

If you are from the community and are here to comment on my characters that I have made for some fanfictions, go right ahead! ^~^
Please state your user name for the website though so I know who you are :3


Live! Chat

So yeah, if you want to chat privately on the wikia, you can. But if you don't know why you're here, well, you can still chat if you want but I highly doubt people will be here.


Okay so if you screw around with my stuff, I will ban you or give you a warning (depends if I know you or not) but i will not hesitate to ban you since this wikia is for me only. so yeah. new policy i just came up with.