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Rei Yamasaki
Child of Circe ~ Member of the Liberi ~ Cursed Mage
Owned by: PandoraStar411
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Rei WB pic

Even though you can't see it, magic is always there.
Rei just arrived in the BC and she's already attracting some stray ghosts. She's moved in the Liberi dorms but since she's some what of an introvert, she's not doing so well with making friends and talking to strangers. Rei is straight and currently single.
Rei is a bit shy to some people and over thinks opinions a lot (like if a person thinks she looks better in red hair, she'll change her hair color to red). She is also has low self esteem about her beauty and would always think of ways to make herself look hotter/sexier. But once people get to know her, she'll probably open up more (depends on the person). She also tries her best to protect those she loves. If she gets depressed though, she'll get depressed. Because of the curse Melinoe put on her, more ghosts will be next to her and she'll be emitting a really gloomy aura around her that anybody can see. Only playing a certain game with her will make her happy or getting things she likes for a week will also do. She also doesn't like it when people bully her but will be a door mat when it comes to that stuff because she doesn't know how to stand up for herself.
So far, nothing interesting has happened on her first day here in the BC. She just met a couple of people but non of them look like they wanted to be friends with her.
Basic Info
Full Name: Rei Hikari Yamasaki
Titles: Cursed Mage, Daughter of Circe, Member of the Liberi
Current Location: BC
Affiliation(s): BC; Liberi
Current Status: Active
Relationship Status: Single and ready to mingle(?)
Born or Created On: ???? 1997
Current Age: 16
Species: Demigod
Nationality: Japanese
Sexuality: Straight
Accent: Slight japanese
OOC Plans & Info
Owned By: PandoraStar411
Inspiration Behind Creation: Curses, Melinoe cursing a demigod, ghosts, Circe
Love Interests Char/Owner: Magic, spells, my little pony (yeah she likes twilight sparkle a lot)
Active RP's: None yet
Created Page On: WIP
Page Last Updated On: WIP
Plans: Go on a mission to find a cure for her curse
Get her a pet since she's always lonely
3/6/9 Month Powers: None yet


Word Bubble
Rei Yamsaki ~ Child of Circe
Rei WB pic
Several ghosts surround her as she turns her head to get a better view of you. "Yes?" She said coldly, "Do you need something? Or are you just trying to annoy me?"


Skills & Weapons
Special Skills: Magic (duh), agility
Preferred Weapon: fighting fans, staff
Strengths: agility, offense
Weaknesses: defense, flexibility
Quests/Missions Led: None
Quests/Missions Been On: None

Magic is everywhere!
Possessions & Favourite Things
Bedroom: WIP
Pets: None

Likes: magic, Twilight Sparkle, MLP, unicorns, shades of pink, shades of purple
Dislikes: black, people who think they are smart but they are actually dumb, people who misjudge her for a weirdo
Colour: Shades of pink and purple
Music: J-pop
Food: anything that's pink or purple in color (yes even eggplant >.<")
animal: Unicorns!!
Book: Hunger Games Trilogy
Quote: Friendship is magic. ~Twilight Sparkle
Drink: Anything fizzy
Song: MLP theme song
Movie: Equestria Girls
Sport: Magic competitions
Other Favs: Fav person: WIP
Appearance & More Images
Model: Yuyuko Saigyou from Touhou
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Red (contacts; originally brown)
Hair Colour: Light pink (dyed; originally dark brown)
Height: 5'9.5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Ethnicity: Japanese
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Shoe Size: 6.5
Blood Type: A
Voice: ???
Distinguishing Marks: none
Body Style: Curvy
One Word to Describe: introverted
Best Physical Trait: hanging out with her dad
Worst Physical Trait: face (she always has a -.- face a lot)
Mental/Emotional State: WIP
Things to Change: WIP
Mental/Emotional disorders: talks to herself a lot and often ignores others
Medical Problems/Ailments: WIP

Family & Childhood Info
Mother: Circe (biological); Airi Yamasaki (step mother)
Father: Masaru Yamasaki
Creator: None
Half-Siblings: Children of Circe
Full-Siblings: None
Other Relatives: None
Home: Somewhere near NYC
Earliest Memory: showing her dad card tricks
Best Memory: hanging out with her dad
Schooling: home schooled
First Kiss: None
First Love: None
First Sex: Virgin
Other Firsts: None

General Info
Nicknames: Rei-rei, Rei-chan, Yamasaki-chan
Native Language: English
Character Flaw: being an introvert
Fears/Phobias: being alone forever, darkness
Hobbies: WIP
Personal Motto: "Only give up when you can't do anything else. But don't give up just because you're a wuss."
Things He Won't Do: cheat in a relationship, smack talk about her friends
Most Admires: None
Most Influenced By: None
Moral Compass: North
Most Important Person Before: father
Most Important Person Now: None
Reacts to Crises: WIP
Faces Their Problems: WIP
Reacts to Change: WIP
Alignment: WIP
Dream Job: WIP
Current Job: WIP
We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.
Vices: WIP
Bad Habits: WIP
Sleeping Habits: WIP
Quirks: WIP
Attitude: WIP
Special Talents: WIP
Social Skills: WIP
Other Info
Most at Ease When?: WIP
Main Priorities: WIP
Past Failures: WIP
Biggest Accomplishment: WIP
Darkest Secret?: WIP
Secret Known by Anyone?: WIP
Personal Tragedy: WIP
One Wish: WIP
Relationship Info
Ever Cheated? WIP
Relates to Others? WIP
Perceived by Strangers: WIP
Perceived by Lover: WIP
Perceived by Friends: WIP
Perceived by Family: WIP
First Impression: WIP
Family/Friends Like Most? WIP
Family/Friends Like Least? WIP

Name Relation Feelings
Masaru Yamasaki Father Loathes
Airi Yamasaki Step-mother Really loathes
Circe Mother Super duper loathes
Thea Lee Best friend misses her

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