Vinnie Alexander
son of Pan
(This Character Belongs to Pandy)


History: Before Pan went missing for almost 2000+ years, he had several children, and Vinnie was one of them. Vinnie was sent to the Lotus Island so that time would not affect him. But when the gods moved west, he ended up at the Las Vegas Lotus Casino, confused and bewilered on how he got there. Because he was part satyr and demigod, a satyr overseer was looking out for him under Pan's orders ever since Vinnie went to the Lotus Island.When it was time to leave the Casino (it was 2013 at that time), Vinnie's overseer took him to camp, but was killed by a hellhound while protecting Vinnie. The hellhound was disintegrated thanks to his overseer and what was left of him was his Reed Pipes (now in Vinnie's possession). Vinnie, having a few cuts and scratches, went to the gates of the camp, and collapsed in astonishment.Camp Life: Vinnie is a junior protector and has helped many demigods get to camp safe and sound. One girl has caught his eye. A demigod named Vanessa Ophelia Prescott. Vinnie helped her from monsters who were chasing her and got her to camp on one of the camp's sailing boats. He gave her a welcoming gift and then left because he had to help some wildlife for a couple of months. After a couple of months, he came back to camp and hopes to spend some time more with Vanessa.{|style="width: 50%; border:3px solid #544627; backgrou


son of Pan

Vital Statistics
|- |
Gender Male
Family Pan (father)
unknown mother
Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'9"

|- |
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Weapons Reed Pipes
Home Camp
Quests None


He's very nice and sweet to everybody, especially to girls. But when it comes to Vanessa, he's a bit over protective of her and can get very possessive over her as well. He can also be some what cocky at times.


Pan- father; Never met him and he's dead.

Vanessa- friend; Have a huge crush on her. But she's a bit oblivious about it.

Jadon Choi- rival; Vanessa has a crush on him and we don't get along very well. Mention his name around me and I'll cover you up in vines.